Croome Paintings

I am delighted to become Croomes official artist in residence and each year will capture this very essence of the English view that Capability Brown has given us all to savour in and enjoy.

I hope in my work I’ll give an energy of the location and that beautiful link between the Malvern hills and the estate which Brown truly wanted. I shall be posting below my Malvern Hill studies along with Croome studies, linking both locations.

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Croome chinese bridge 10×12″ SOLD

Croome in the rain 10×12″

Hills from castlemorton common 10×12″

Malvern from Powick 10×12″

Malvern from Bransford 10×12″ SOLD

Malverns from Croome North 10×12″

Malverns from Croome Park Bench 10×12″ SOLD

Malvern from Croome South 10×12″ SOLD

Malverns from Croome 10×12″

Malvern from Peachfield 10×12″ SOLD

Malvern from the old hills 10×12″ SOLD

Malvern through the trees 10×12″ SOLD

Malvern Yellow 10×12″

Misty Croome 10×12″ SOLD

The Island Pavilion Croome 10×12″ SOLD

Malverns from Croome Park North 10×12″

The Rotunda at Croome Park 10×12″ – SOLD

Top of the Malverns 10×12″ – SOLD

Little Malvern 10×12″ – SOLD

Castlemorton common 10×12″ – SOLD

Malvern Hills 10×12″ – SOLD

Croome Court 10×12″

Croome Park House 10×12″ – SOLD

Croome House 10×12″ – SOLD

Orange Tree 6×8″ – SOLD

Red Tree 6×8″ – SOLD

Malvern from Hanley 6×8″

Croome Autumn 8×10″- SOLD

British Camp view 8×10″

Croome from Malvern Hills 8×10″

Croome Orange Tree 8×10″ – SOLD

Croome Church 10×12″

Malverns from Croome Church 10×12″

West Malvern Bluebells 8×10″

Orange Tree towards Croome House 10×12″ – SOLD

Croome hills 10×12″ – SOLD

Malvern Hills from Croome 8×10″