The Malvern Hills

The Malvern Hills have been my subject of choice to paint since the age of 16, some 20 years ago. They certainly have a hold of me and are my sole focus of my work. I live on them, I walk on them, I’ve grown up on them. With over 1000 paintings sold of the Malvern hills, I thought I would share the names of each of the hills in the below diagram to help you put a name to a painting.



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The Malvern Hills are a range of hills in the English counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and a small area of northern Gloucestershire. The Hills run north/south for about 13 km (8 miles). More info can be found at


Malvern Hill Heights (ft/m)
End Hill (1,079ft, 329m)
Table Hill (1,224ft, 373m)
North Hill (1,303ft, 397m)
Sugarloaf Hill (1,207ft, 368m)
Worcestershire Beacon (1,395ft, 425m)
Summer Hill (1,253ft, 382m)
Perseverance Hill (1,066ft, 325m)
Jubilee Hill (1,073ft, 327m)
Pinnacle Hill (1,174ft, 358m)
Black Hill (north) (1,011ft, 308m)
Black Hill (south) (886ft, 270m)
Tinkers Hill (700ft, 213m)
Herefordshire Beacon (British Camp) (1,109ft, 338m)
Millennium Hill (1,073ft, 327m)
Broad Down (958ft, 292m)
Hangman’s Hill (906ft, 276m)
Swinyard Hill (889ft, 271m)
Midsummer Hill (932ft, 284m)
Hollybush Hill (794ft, 242m)
Raggedstone Hill (east top) (820ft, 250m)
Raggedstone Hill (west top) (833ft, 254m)
Chase End Hill (625ft, 191m)